Hermetically sealed flexible RF and microwave transmission line assemblies.

  • Fully vapor sealed
  • Highly ruggedized
  • MIL-C-87104 & MIL-T-81490 qualified


StripFlex (SF)

StripFlex II cables provide the ultimate performance in a flexible cable.

  • Lower loss microwave interconnect
  • Wireless base station interconnect
  • Excellent connector selection



Used in applications demanding the ultimate in phase tracking performance.

  • Ultimate phase tracking performance
  • PTFE "knee" is non-exisitent
  • SiO2 dielectric technology
LMR®-LLPX Plenum

Indoor highly fire retardant plenum rated cables designed for use in dropped ceilings and raised floors.

  • UL listed type CMP, UL file E-170516
  • Extended temperature range (-40C to 125C)
  • High power handling



Times Microwave Systems designs and manufactures the highest performance cable assemblies for space flight applications. 

  • Low loss
  • High power handling
  • Multipaction resistant - vented connectors
MilTech® Light

MTL cables provide the same electrical performance as MilTech cables but with lighter weight.

  • Lowest loss and superior phase tracking
  • Qualified for commercial, military and other demanding applications
  • Excellent electrical performance
QEAM (Quick Erecting Antenna Mast)

Designed specifically for use in demanding, mission critical applications.

  • Exceptionally low bending moment
  • Long bend life (typically more than 10,000 bends)
  • Fully weatherized

UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cable designed for 20-year service outdoor use.

  • -155 dBc intermodulation distortion
  • Low loss uhf/microwave interconnect
  • Wireless base station interconnect
Field Deployable

Feeder cable for military field deployable antennas.

  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Superior flexing
  • Resistant to harsh environments
Multi-port Systems

Designed for high performance environments.

  • Qualified to meet MIL-T-81490 and MIL-C-87104 specificatoins
  • Excellent shielding
  • Phase stability with low VSWR