Times Microwave Systems opens new manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona
    Congratulations Bob Srubas on receiving the Distinguished Career Award from (WCMA)!
    TRAD® Leaky Feeder Cables
    NEW! WBP Weather Protection Boots
    NEW! Cold Shrink Boot for LMR® Cables
    New RodentRepel® LMR® Cables from Times Microwave Systems
    LMR® Express Coaxial Cable Assemblies from Times Microwave Systems
    New & Improved Plenum Rated LMR-LLPX Cables from Times Microwave Systems
    Introducing the NEW Clarity™ Series 40 GHz Test Cables!
    Times Microwave Systems introduces a series of Low PIM field install connectors for the TFT-401/TFT-401-LF
    New Tool Kits for LMR®-195/200, LMR®-240, LMR®-300 & LMR®-500 Coaxial Cables